Health data processing and information systems development

A company’s success largely depends on the design of an information organization. Presenting an ever-increasing amount of data in a spectacular, informative format, and the supported decision making is essential to the daily work of healthcare managers.

Our philosophy is to explore the needs in maximum cooperation with our partners. The partnership also covers the preparation of needs assessment, situation analysis, feasibility studies, as well as ongoing support after the handover.

Medalyse™ Information System

Medalyse™ is a proprietary online tool developed by Healthware Consulting Ltd., functioning as a flexible, accessible, well-structured, time-series data system to respond to the challenges of big data.

The system provides a way to organise, integrate and visualize data from different sources (questionnaire surveys, institutional data, data collection).

Medalyse™ Drug Information System

The current Drug Information Modules of Medalyse™ consist of the price and reimbursement history of all medicinal products got reimbursement in Hungary by time series including breakdown per quarterly and monthly turnover data. The service, in particular, unique as you can find historical information about the rate of reimbursement containing both quantity (box, DOT) and value information (ex-manufacturer price, gross retail price, co-payment, and reimbursement). In addition, unique patient number data may also be obtained for further researches. All data have been gathered from the Hungarian NHIF (NEAK; formerly OEP) data sources, and available only at the depth they reported.

Due the online availability of our Price Calculator tool, you can instantly determine the price sequence that comply with the current pricing rules (ex-manufactory, wholesale, gross retail price, reimbursement rates)

Our international exchange rate register allows you access to the legally defined exchange rates at any time.

Further use of the data behind the reports is ensured by exporting to an MS Excel file.

Online survey

In order to answer basic research goals and hypotheses, an online survey platform is provided operating in a protected and closed system. The questionnaire platform is also suitable for conducting Delphi panels, which may contribute to collecting consensus opinions.