Health-economic unit

Our unit provides a wide range of services in questions regarding health economics. Our aim is to help our partners in the world of reimursement dossiers, health economic analysis és health technology assessments.

Our experience covering a wide range of health technologies enables us to give advice in reimbursement-related questions, on every technologies.

Reimbursement dossier

Preparing the medical document, the health economic analysis, and the budget impact calculations required for health technologies to be included in the reimbursement, based on the recommendations of the health-economic guideline. Following the submission, we provide support during the Health Technology Assessment process.

Health- economic analysis

We prepare health economic analysis for reimbursement dossiers or for other purpose, either by adapting a global model or developing an own model.

Feasibility study

Prior to reimbursement, a feasibility study prepared for the local market access strategy might include an analysis fo the indications of interest, an exploration of the reimbursement environment, and a pricing strategy.

Meta-analysis, literature review

Conducting a literature review regarding the given product or active substance, collecting available information and presenting them on an online platform.

Analysis/consulting regarding price-volume agreements

Regarding the price-volume agreements, conducting calculations for the agreements and counseling on the agreement negotiations.

Adhoc professional consultation

Active, daily personal counseling.

Authority communication

Our department also provides a service of full project coordination, which includes shaping a communication strategy and a full negotiation process with the authority.