Health-Financing Consultancy Department

The Healthware’s " Health-Financing Consultancy Department " provides a wide range of services related to financing issues of health technologies. In a constantly changing economic and regulatory environment our mission is to support our partners with the most appropriate solutions in each topic.

Decades of experience create an opportunity to gather practical examples from the recent period in order to present possible alternatives when considering funding issues.

Data analysis

Conducting complete patient-pathway analysis based on real-world events.

The entire process of data gathering and clarification is coordinated from the moment of requesting access to databases to the full processing of the data received, taking into account the partners’ needs.

Legislation follow up

Sending immediate notifications via email about relevant legislation updates of health technology financing. In the case of an amendment in the examined legislation the previous and the current contexts are presented in a comparison report added with an interpretation, so you can be rapidly informed about the legal changes.

Reference pricing

In the course of internal reference pricing, several elements are evaluated in the framework of our service. The Alert service monitors those changes that have taken place during each step of the FX-process, added with notes and recommendations. According to the demand of the Client, prior to that FX-process concerned, we make case-by-case, decision preparatory, modeling analyzes about fix groups related to the portfolio of our Partner. In those cases, the expected effects of price referencing according to different scenarios are examined.

Tax/payment obligation monitoring

In Hungary since 2003, the pharmaceutical industry has also been contributing to the financing of social security in the form of direct repayments. Determining the rate of repayment as accurately as possible, as well as continuous monitoring, which, inter alia, focuses on possible financial accruals, making a fundamental contribution towards the successful business planning of companies. Estimation of the level of the manufacturer’s contribution on the basis of the pharmaceutical turnover and forecasts based on data published by the NHIF.

  • Modeling the expected amount of payment depending on the manufacturer and market growth.
  • Incorporation of manufacturer forecast models into payment models,
  • Reports on the repayment obligations of market participants, TOP lists, going back several years.


Macroeconomic report

The presentation of the development of the main macro indicators, as well as the evaluation of the absolute and relative performance of healthcare in a relevant period, in relation to the economy as a whole, aims to put the financial situation of healthcare in a macroeconomic context. The quarterly report is available in both Hungarian and English.

Marketing Authorization report

Monitoring the appearance of a newly authorized medicinal product, containing a particular active substance based upon the EMA and National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) database. It may be complemented with further reimbursement procedure steps of the NHIF concerning a particular group of active substances, thus helping to prepare for the access of new market entrants.

Medicine shortage report

Portfolio-specific information of the medicinal product shortage based on the list published on the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) website presented in a time-series, web-based system. Continuous monitoring, supplemented with email alert function.

Ad-hoc consulting

The service consists of needs assessment and formulation of solution proposals. Active daily personal consulting and assistance to brief analyzes, legal interpretations, presentations.

Ongoing contact with public authorities

Our department undertakes full project coordination, including not only the development of the communication strategy but also the entire negotiation process with the authority.